Splatoon 3 Tournament Manager Help

Tournament Manager Features

What is Tournament Manager?

Tournament Manager is a support service for people holding or participating in Splatoon 3 tournaments. Tournament Manager connects with the Splatoon 3 game and with SplatNet 3 to provide helpful features for tournament creation and entry, as well as tools for directors to help run them smoothly.

Organizing a Tournament

Editing or Publishing a Bracket

You can pair the teams entered in the tournament to create a bracket.

Screenshot of a sample tournament bracket.
Tournament Bracket

Live Updates

Results update in real time on the bracket.

Enlarged image of the tournament bracket.
Brackets at a glance!

Join Tournament

Team up and join tournaments

You can enter a tournament by joining or creating a team. After creating a team, recruit members by sending the invite URL to prospective teammates.

Screenshot of Add Invitees.
You can also add members and join tournaments!

Quick Start

Starting a tournament automatically creates a lobby and sends information out to participants.
The bracket automatically updates with results.

Screenshot of match screen showing Tournament Manager rooms.

My Page

Tournament records are persistent

If you create or join a tournament, the results will be recorded on My Page.

Screenshot of a profile page.
You can also set your favorite stages, weapons, etc.
DetailsMy Page