Splatoon 3 Tournament Manager Help

For Participants

Tournament Overview

For tournaments held with Tournament Manager, there's one Tournament Overview page that you can use to check details or enter the tournament. Select the URL provided by the director on the Tournament Overview to access SplatNet 3 and proceed.

Tournament Entry

To participate in a tournament, you must create a team as its representative member or select an existing team to join. Following that step, you can invite other players to join in order to meet the number of team players required.

For Tournament Manager Beginners

If you're entering a Tournament Manager tournament for the first time, you'll need to create a team. One rep can enter for the whole team.

  1. Open the tournament in Tournament Manager.
  2. Select Enter Tournament.
  3. Enter a team name and select Confirm.
  4. If there are no issues with what you entered, select Enter Tournament.

With that, your entry will be complete. Invite players to your team.

If You've Entered a Tournament Manager Tournament Before...

You can choose an existing team when entering.

About Captains

The entering player will be made the team captain. The captain can edit and check in team members, announce results, and more. Additionally, the captain of the team at the top of the bracket will be the tournament-room host during matches and is the only one who can set or change game modes and stages.

Inviting Members

The team's captain and its members can use the invite feature.

Teams without the required number of participants by the registration deadline will be disqualified.

Invite by Sharing a Link

You can send an invite link to prospective teammates.

  1. Open the tournament page for the tournament you entered.
  2. Select Share or Copy on the invite link.
  3. Share the link via your desired method.
Screenshot of an invite link.

Invite Players Directly

You can choose previous teammates or current teammates and send them a tournament invite.

  1. Open the current tournament page.
  2. Select Add Invitees.
    Screenshot of Add Invitees.
  3. Choose members and select Send Invite.
    Screenshot of member selection and Send Invite.
    Current and former teammates will both be displayed.

Joining a Team

Joining from an Invite Link

  1. Open the invite link.
    An invite link is a URL that will start with https://s.nintendo.com/.
  2. Select Join.
    Screenshot of Join from an Invite Link.

Joining from a Direct Invite

  1. Invite notifications will appear from the Nintendo Switch Online app. You can also see them in Notifications in Tournament Manager.
    Notification Settings
    Screenshot of New Notifications.
    New Notifications
  2. Press Join.
    Screenshot of Join.

Pretournament Options

Besides invites, you can change team members, change captains, or cancel entry from the tournament page.

Changing Members

Here you can change invited members. A captain can remove any member, but noncaptains can only remove themselves.

  1. Select Edit.
  2. Remove selected members.
Screenshot of Change Members.

Changing Captains

If you are a captain, you can hand the position to another member.

  1. Select Edit.
  2. Choose a member and select Change Captains.

Cancel Entry

The captain can cancel a tournament entry until the registration period ends and the teams are decided.

Screenshot of Cancel Entry.


If the captain cannot participate after the registration period ends and the teams are decided, the captain can withdraw the team. It does not count as canceling the entry. If you withdraw, you lose by default.

Screenshot of Withdraw.

On Tournament Day

Be sure to review Tournament Manager to see info on the next match and tournament progress.

Sequence of Events

  1. (For captains) Check-in
  2. Enter the Tournament Manager room from the Private Battle friend list
  3. (For room hosts) Set the mode, stage, etc.
  4. Battle
  5. Report match results
  6. For troubleshooting, contact the tournament director


If the match is ready to start, a check-in notice will display on the captain's screen. Team members' screens will show the check-in conditions.

Checking in is to confirm that the team is assembled and the match can start. The battle cannot continue until both captains check in.

Screenshot of Participant Check-In.

Entering a Tournament Manager Room

Once check-in is complete, a Tournament Manager room will appear in the Private Battle friend list. You can wait there for the battle to start. Please do not enter if you are not joining the battle to ensure the director can spectate.

Screenshot of match screen showing Tournament Manager rooms.

If a Team Has Substitutes

Depending on the tournament, you can enter with substitutes. Noncaptain members can freely swap in. Check the details of your current tournament for the time in which members can swap.

Setting the Mode, Stage, Etc.

The team captain at the top of the bracket is the host. A hosting captain can confirm the mode, stage, etc. and change the room settings.

Screenshot of battle-mode display.


If No One Spectates

Start the battle once the competing players enter the Tournament Manager room.

If There Are Spectators

Start the battle once the competing and spectating players enter the Tournament Manager room.

If a Spectating Player Becomes Host

Please wait for the spectating player to start.

Reporting Results

Once the set number of battles are finished, captains can report the results. Both captains enter the results. If the results match, it counts as a valid match and appears on the bracket.

Screenshot of reporting results.

Editing Results

If there is a communication error or mistake in the mode settings, you can play more than the set number of battles. If this happens, you can edit the results.

If the details of the report from both teams match, it will be set as the result. If the details conflict or the match's winners cannot be decided, you can request arbitration by using Contact Director.

In Case of Mistakes or Errors during the Battle

Screenshot of Edit Match Results.

Contacting the Director

Fill in the related details, and select Inquire. You'll get the director's response on this screen.

Screenshot of contacting the director.