Splatoon 3 Tournament Manager Help


How do I receive notifications, and what are they about?

You'll receive notifications from the Nintendo Switch Online app. If you aren't seeing them, check your iOS or Android notification settings. You can check missed messages from Notifications in Tournament Manager.

The Notifications icon at the top of the home screen.

Notifications for Directors

CategoryNotification Content
Before a TournamentWhen a codirector is added
Before a TournamentNotification that registration has ended (sent at the deadline)
UpdateWhen the director cancels the tournament
Team WithdrawalWhen a participating team withdraws after the end of the registration period

Notifications for Participants

CategoryNotification Content
Editing MembersWhen invited to a tournament team
Editing MembersWhen you are removed from a team
Editing MembersWhen a team reaches its player limit
Editing MembersWhen there aren't enough players and registration has ended
Editing Members(Captain only) When a team member leaves
Editing Members(Captain only) When an invitee joins
Editing Members(Captain only) When an invitee declines
Editing MembersWhen changing captains
Editing MembersWhen you're the captain
Editing MembersWhen the captain withdraws from the tournament
DisqualificationWhen you are disqualified
Advance NotificationWhen you moved up in the wait list
Advance NotificationWhen the bracket is posted
Advance NotificationWhen you aren't added from the wait list
Advance NotificationWhen registration is canceled because your team did not have enough players
Advance NotificationWhen there aren't enough teams to hold a preliminary round
UpdateWhen the tournament date/time changes
UpdateWhen the director cancels the tournament

Notifications for Everyone

CategoryNotification Content
Advance NotificationWhen it's 24 hours before a tournament