Splatoon 3 Tournament Manager Help


What are some of the key terms to understand when using Tournament Manager?


A match is a face-off between two teams where a winner and a loser are decided. Each match can be comprised of multiple battles, and normally the winner is the team that wins the most battles.


A group of matches, such as "Round One," "Final Round," etc.


A subsection of a tournament bracket. Mainly used in elimination-style tournaments with many teams.


The person who is running the tournament. They are generally the one who set up the tournament and are in charge of its progression.


A player invited to help with tournament operations.
About Codirectors


Someone who joins in a tournament.


A tournament team's representative.
About Captains (FAQ)

Team Owner

A player who can freely edit the Team Page. The player who creates a team will become the team owner by default. There can only be one owner per team.
About Team Pages


The roll call that occurs before a match. The match starts when both teams are checked in.
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