Splatoon 3 Tournament Manager Help
In-Depth Features

My Page

Your activity in this app will be saved on My Page alongside your favorite weapons and stages as a tournament participant.

Screenshot of the link to My Page from the home screen.
From the home screen to My Page.

There's also a Team Page with additional team information.


As a tournament participant, you can list your favorite weapons and stages, as well as teams that you've played for. Other players will be able to view your profile.

Screenshot of a profile page.

Editing Profiles

You can select the Edit button to the right of your nickname to edit your favorite weapons, stages, and modes.

Favorite Stage

You can select one stage as a favorite.

Favorite Weapons

You can select up to three favorite weapons. Any weapons that you choose will also show up on the Team Page.

Screenshot of setting your favorite weapons.

Favorite Modes

You can select multiple modes as favorites.

Display Teams

Teams that you've played for in tournaments will be displayed here. You can choose whether to show or hide each team.

Activity Records

Tournament-Director History

You can view records of tournaments you've hosted as a director or codirector.

Screenshot of tournaments that have been hosted as director or codirector.

Tournament Records

You can view records of tournaments you've played in.

Screenshot of tournaments that have been played in.

Team Page

Select a team on My Page to view your Team Page. It contains information about your tournament records and results, other participants, and more.

Screenshot of Teams at the top of My Page.

Editing Team Pages

The owner of a team can edit its Team Page. Players may remove themselves from a team but may not otherwise edit any information.

Team OwnerThe player who creates a team will become the team owner by default. There can only be one owner per team. Go here for more information on additional terminology.

Screenshot of a Team Page.

Changing Team Names

If you change a team name, you'll have to wait 30 days to change it again.

Managing Members

A team owner can remove members. If members who have been removed from a team participate in a tournament with the team again, they will be reinstated to the Team Page.

Changing Owners

You can set a different team member as team owner if necessary.